Gone with the feet

A four feet sonata

The magic of the feet is brilliantly emphasized in this show which is full of choreographies and stories suitable for an audience of all ages. “The chickens’ rumba” the “Operating Theater” and “ The Tamer and the Lion” are classics, which alternate in stylistic contrast with more experimental and abstract stories like “The yellow ducks”, “ Painters in front of the mirror” and “The final ballet” the latter enriched by live music. This show is the outcome of the artistic synergy between Laura Kibel and Veronica Gonzales. (Veronica is one of Laura’s pupils who, in time has become a renowned professional soloist) Together, they have performed this new repertoire full of rhythm, colours and hilarity in prestigious festivals such as: Charleville, Mezieres 2006 and Figeuro, (Gand)2007, Partade’s (Nanterre)2011.


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