It is really extraordinary and moving the way L.K.’s theatre can conjugate the music, excluding it from all kind of transcendence, with the body. The latter, felt and shown like a blending of all relationships. A puppet theatre without comparison.
Luigi Pestalozzi, Rinascita 2006


L.K. has roused the audience of the entire world to great enthusiasm, taking it to an adventurous universe that takes shape before the eyes of the audience showing things never seen before. Using only one hand or foot she can create beautiful characters but also frightening as well as fascinating giants made using the entire body.
Stefano Fucelli, Sipario 2003


Laura Kibel confirms herself as a poetess of the scene who is able to give to the puppet theatre a character that convinces and involves a heterogeneous audience.
Silvia Bernardi, L’Arena 2007


L.K. expresses an authentic talent (God blessing) with a multifaceted and credible ability. Strictly alone on stage, grants art to each of her gestures, opening, in a sort of metaphoric journey, nine introductory suitcases, to tell micro stories that affect one’s feeling going from pathos to hilarious with an eye on day-to-day-life.
Gianluca Doronzo, Quotidiano Puglia 2009


A hilarious tracking shot of characters, which have gained consensus and success in New Delhi. The chameleonic artist from Verona, during one hour of incredible contortions, represents on stage, among other things, her own “the bullfight”. During the interview Ms. Kibel gives the following statement: “ Usually when I work overseas I do all my best to respect local sensitivity, even if this affects my right of artistic expression”
Maria Grazia Coggiola. ANSA Italindie 2012






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