The “Teatro dei Piedi” (The feet Theater), half way between a mime and a puppet, has been reinvented and valued by the artist from Verona, Laura Kibel, who has developed its techniques and contents. The feet, dressed with thousand accessories become the stars of the show bringing to life ironic and/or dramatic characters telling both, old and contemporary stories.


On stage Laura Kibel, hidden by a black robe, dresses her feet with elements designed and tailored by herself; feet that little by little become live characters with a defined identity ready to tell fantastic stories. On stage, the artist magically disappears living the characters she creates to interpret and tell the most hilarious stories.
Laura does not use words but simply gestures and music; her show, which is both hilarious, poetic and desecrating, goes beyond the barrier of national languages taking on universal contents. Like that, her show may be appreciated by an audience of all ages, cultures and nationalities. What the audience sees before its eyes is Laura transforming parts of her body like the sole of her feet, her knees, her legs in expressive faces, funny bold heads and living characters who love, suffer, fight and amuse.

This original visual theatre is supported by very suggestive music, which have the task to replace words. The large variety of sounds, themes and sound effects, contribute to make the show an extraordinary and unique event!
The music typologies used by Laura vary from traditional music to classic music, from simple melodies to the elegant and sophisticated music of Vivaldi, Ravel, Schubert, etc.
The particular attention given to sound tracks derives from the music studies completed by Laura who is a professional violinist and plays numerous other musical instruments.
Old suitcases depicting fantastic themes and/or paintings copied from Botero, Magritte, Dali, Munch, etc. are used to make the scenography of Laura’s show. Each suitcase contains a story. When opened they reveal costumes, noses, wigs and other accessories, which are used to create the various characters on the feet, knees and legs of the artist.

Laura, personally paints her suitcases and creates each element of the set design used in her show giving ways to the creativity deriving from her artistic vocational training.
For more than twenty years Laura Kibel and her “Teatro dei Piedi” perform throughout the world collecting international prices and mentions.


Special professional events:
• 2004: Participated in the TV Fiction “Solstrom”: Cirque du Solieil – Montreal (Canada)
• 2006: Special Guest at “Le plus grand Cabaret du Monde” presented by Patrick Sebastien on France 2 TV.
• 2008: Reportage “Theatre de Geste”, French-German TV ARTE

• University Monographic Thesis of Ms. Alida Castagna titled “Laura Kibel 100 Suitcases and one big amusement” or “ The amphibious condition of a puppeteer” held at DAMS of Roma Tre, supervisor
Prof. Sammartano

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