Laura Kibel was born in Verona from where, after having completed classical studies and Music Conservatory, she moved to Rome to work for the cinema industry as costume designer in collaboration with her husband Giuseppe Ferrara, director of films with strong civil and political contents. This very important experience developed in L.K. an important interest in social and political issues.


Laura Kibel



In addition to experiences as dress designer, graphic designer and comic-strip writer, she also works as musician and actress with numerous Italian Theatre Companies until she becomes a soloist and creates the KIbel Kabaret, a micro recital of own songs and music.
The professional autonomy gained projects her in a new professional dimension: ”The Street Theatre” which between the 80s and 90s becomes very popular in Italy.
New pangs and new ideas contaminate and enrich her repertoire, which varies from being a clown to being a singer until she begins to explore the “Puppet’s Theatre” with particular attention to the use of lower limbs.



The various talents of Laura Kibel, painter, musician, costume designer and actress finally converge in one eclectic performance, which pointed out the dramatist quality of her stories together with a high mastering of coordination and stage movements.
This is the beginning of silent pantomimic, appreciated by street audiences. Pantomimic that little by little is enriched with music and special effects so as to give live to true stories of valuable meanings.
The assembling of these silent sketches gives the source to the first show “Va dove ti porta il Piede” (Gone with the Feet) a fantasy journey that Laura Kibel will then take round the world.
The first fans of Laura Kibel’s art (Jacques Felix, Margareta Nicolescu, Henryk Jurkowsky, Freek Neirynk) have played an important role in promoting her to a real star in the most prestigious Puppet’s Theatre of the world. (Charville-Mezieres – in 2000,2003,2006 and 2011 and Figuero-Gad in1999)



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